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Vídeos como um novo tipo de artigo?

A publicação científica é um campo extraordinário para a experimentação.

A matéria que eu transcrevo abaixo traz a notícia de que a Revista Fungal Genetics and Biology passa a publicar vídeos como substitutos para artigos. Algumas outras revistas já incorporaram vídeos como partes de artigos, mas essa é a primeira experiência de substituição total do texto.

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Exploring videos as a new article type

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a moving picture can capture a complex concept. The editors of the journal Fungal Genetics and Biology have launched a new section for video articles, enabling researchers to share their results in a new way. Here we find out more about the initiative and how it can be applied in other subject areas.


“The idea came from my own work,” explains Fungal Genetics and BiologyEditor Professor Gero Steinberg. “So many aspects of cell biology are dynamic that it’s often more efficient and effective to explain findings using video. It’s something we do often in talks, but it’s traditionally not been so easy in publishing.”

The evidence supported Professor Steinberg’s experience – an analysis of the journal’s content revealed a large number of videos in the supplementary material. “This was an indication to us that videos are very popular in this research community,” recalls Dr. Elena Zudilova-Seinstra, Senior Content Innovation Manager at Elsevier. “However, those videos are often taken out of context and hence don’t serve their primary purpose.”

The video article format turns this around. In these short articles, the text provides the background to a research finding or summarizes the current status of a scientific field, while the video illustrates the main point and makes the core message of the article easier to access – as can be seen in this example.

“We saw this as a great opportunity to try something new with the journal,” says Fungal Genetics and Biology Publisher Dr. Sheba Agarwal-Jans. “It’s something we think will appeal to researchers in fungal sciences, and will certainly benefit the journal.”

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