Brazil, an emerging power? A special issue os RBPI

The economic opening of the 1990s prepared Brazil to have an important role in the international system. At the 21st century, the country took out from poverty about twenty million citizens, promoted economic growth, advanced South American integration, kept traditional partnerships with the North, established coalitions with emerging countries and became a leader in several multilateral negotiations.

Revista Brasileira de Política Internacional – RBPI ( will publish in September 2010 a special issue organized by Amado Luiz Cervo, Professor Emeritus of the University of Brasília.

This number aims at evaluating the performance of Brazil in the international system during the two mandates of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (2003-2010). Thus, we welcome submissions focused on the following thematic axes: multilateral negotiations agenda, bilateral partnerships, internationalization of the economy, foreign trade, coalitions and regional blocks, energy, environment and security issues.

All submissions should be original and unpublished, must be in the range of 50,000 characters (including spaces and footnotes), must be written in English, including an abstract of less then 70 words [and 3 key-words in English]. Follow the Chicago System (author, date), in accordance with the examples below:

For articles:
CERVO, Amado Luiz (2003). Política exterior e relações internacionais do Brasil: enfoque paradigmático. Revista Brasileira de Política Internacional, Vol. 46, Nº 1, p. 5-25.

For books:
SARAIVA, José Flávio S. , Ed. (2003). Foreign Policy and Political Regime. Brasília: IBRI, 364 p.

For documents on the internet:
PROCÓPIO, Argemiro (2007). A hidropolítica e a internacionalização amazônica, published at []. Available on: 18/04/2009.

All contributions will be submitted to blind peer review. Submissions to this special issue should be send to untill 30th of June 2010.


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