Is war in the genes?

Interessante matéria sobre… A inevitabilidade da guerra.

Is war in the genes?

An interesting new paper by Enrico Spolaore of Tufts and Romain Wacziarg or UCLA examines the relationship between the genetic similarity between two countries and the likelihood of them going to war. They found that generally we’re more likely to want to fight with people who are more like us:

We found that populations that are genetically closer are more prone to engage in militarized con?icts and wars with each other, even after controlling for a wide set of measures of geographic distance, income differences, and other factors affecting con?ict, including measures of bilateral and multilateral trade and differences in democracy levels. We also provided a theoretical model of con?ict and relatedness that is consistent with these results. In the simplest version of our model, populations that share a more recent common history have had less time to diverge in preferences and characteristics that determine the set of common issues they care about, and over which they are prone to ?ght.


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